Production Ready Auto Trader Strategy Shell

Ever wanted to create your own auto trader and not know where to begin?
Have you run the NinjaTrader Strategy wizard and felt lost or confused about what to do next?
Did you want a production ready NinjaScript shell strategy that with your setup criteria could be up and running quickly?

The shell contains a fully functional ATM based strategy which has the following included:


1) Strategy Stop and Start times
2) Specification of ATM strategy to use
3) Market or Limit Order Execution
4) Pause buttons to manually permit you to pause the auto trader directly from the chart for either Longs or Shorts or both 
5) Historical bar management and in-trade logic checking
6) Halt at Target Logic ( Daily Target or Max Loss)
7) On price chart display of trade session progress statistics

For those of you that would like a ready made strategy template you may purchase our production ready NinjaScript strategy shell for only $700 USD. In addition, you may purchase support from me in one hour blocks, to help you review the strategy and configure the shell at a rate of $75 USD per hour. This will allow you to not spin your wheels while you are getting your auto trader strategy functional.

Note:  The shell is an ATM based strategy. ATM based strategies are currently not backtestable in NinjaTrader. However, it is manually backtestable doing a daily replay. It is possible to create backtestable version of the strategy.  Please contact us to review your strategy before purchasing. If you are interested in the autotrader shell please email me. This will give us an opportunity to make certain we have a good fit for the project you are intending to use the autotrader shell. Remember, you will need some programming proficiency to modify the autotrader shell, otherwise it may be better to have us provide you a free quote. Yes, all created strategies will be delivered with source.