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Are you a NinjaTrader® user who has been looking for a resource to teach you to program indicators or strategies? Or are you a trader who would like to have an indicator or strategy created or modified?  We can assist you on either count.


Years ago, when I developed my own craft of NinjaScript programming, I found there was not an individualized coaching program available to help me become a NinjaScript master. I relied on my existing programming experience along with the NinjaTrader support forum to gain experience.  Discussing this approach with other traders who were also seeking advanced NinjaScript knowledge we realized there was an opportunity to augment NinjaTrader’s excellent training materials with a series of structured courses.

 If you have a modest amount of programming experience and are motivated to learn to program your own personal NinjaTrader® indicators or strategies, we have created courses that will help you. Students will gain proficiency in NinjaScript programming with each lesson completed. The Indicator Building Blocks course is comprised of 4 instructional classes and associated script samples for each workshop. Click here for schedule and pricing.

 If you prefer to have us develop an indicator or strategy, we can assist you with that as well. Our experience includes the development of custom NinjaTrader indicators, strategies and auto-traders based on a definedset of specifications. We use our Auto-Trader Strategy Shell to build a custom Auto-Trader. The Indicator Building Blocks course will be released one lesson at a time until the entire course is available and then a bundled price will be available. The Strategy Building Blocks course will follow.  

We look forward to working with you and welcome the opportunity to assist you along your journey. Course details here or if you have questions you may contact us .

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Wondering what the NinjaScript Indicator Builder Blocks Course materials will be like? Watch our complete overview of the NinjaTrader SMA indicator. Commentary on every section and most lines of the indicator.free-samplesThere is minimal marketing and the video is almost thirty minutes in length. Subscribe below and enjoy with our compliments!


All journeys start with a first step. Start your NinjaTrader programming learning with a solid foundation!

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