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Were you considering having an indicator or Auto Trader created but were concerned about having to pay upfront? The following is our standard process for a development no matter whether it is a indicator or Auto Trader. Firstly, we review your indicator / Auto Trader requirements over skype (No charge!). If you are looking for an auto trader I will show you a working demonstration of a sample auto trader so you will be able to see it in action to clearly understand my offering (No charge!). When we review the development project, remember I am not just a programmer. I have significant trading experience, and I can offer suggestions and insight to the project (No charge!). Once the project is clearly defined, a detailed document with my understanding of your indicator / Auto Trader is created. You will have an opportunity to review and confirm my understanding of your specifications before we start the work (Still no charge!). If you agree to the pricing I will create the indicator / Auto Trader and demonstrate your autotrader over skype. Once you have confirmed your indicator or Auto Trader is essentially existing and you would like to start testing on your computer, I will require 75% of the agreed to price before delivery. You will withhold 25% until the indicator / Auto Trader is debugged and complete. Usually within a few weeks the work is complete and final payment will be requested.  Our clients have been extremely happy with this process. We encourage you to experience our know how and experience for yourself.


Examples of my ProgrammingJat


Jaguar Auto Trader


The Jaguar Auto Trader (JAT) is the commercial auto trader written for ProTrader Ed of Jaguar Trading. The JAT is only available for sale on ProTrader Ed's site, but he has kindly given me permission to display and talk about his auto-trader strategy here.


The JAT was created based on Ed’s trading methodology and fires orders based on his custom specifications. Ed uses the JAT in his daily trading and it may be seen in action in his chat room.


The JAT is an extremely versatile NinjaTrader Strategy which incorporates the following programming:

1) 2 independant signals according to Ed's custom parameters

2) Higher time frame filtering

3) Choice of Market or Limit ATM based Order Execution

4) User definable Strategy Start and End Times

5) Pause buttons which stop longs or shorts directly from  the chart

6) Status box which shows cumulative profits, number of trades and previous trade 

7) Halt strategy at a user defined daily target or max loss

8) Almost 3000 lines of code

Would you like to have an experienced programmer work on your indicator or strategy.

Check my references and ask for a FREE Quote.

Another Example of my Programming


PowerTrend Indicatorpowertrend


A client recently contacted me asking if it would be possible to help improve the quality of the signals generated by his volatility based system. The system generated over 100 signals daily and he wanted to filter the trades by a higher timeframe trend and additional indicators.

Some of the details of the various filters were to be placed in the corner of the price chart as an adjustable panel. The price chart background would change colour based on an oscillator with green for longs, pink for shorts. This reminds the trader to stay on the correct side of the trend. 

When all the signals are in agreement based on the colors in the adjustable panel, this designates a high probability long signal and the reverse for shorts. 

The indicators on the price panel include: checks into the 15 minute timeframe, the 3 minute timeframe, identification of trend based on the MACDBBLines, short term moving averages, long term moving average, Stochastics and ADX all in the present timeframe. A special stochastic plot from the 3-minute chart identifies when the stochastic is coming up though 20 or down through 80. Utilizing the 3-minute stochastic produces longer runs allowing the user to stay in the trade longer.  Each individual indicator component has its own user modifiable parameters which allows for fine tuning based on the specific instrument being traded.

This PowerTrend indicator is available for purchase on this site and as a compiled indicator for only $99 or in open source NinjaScript format for $299.) 

Would you like to have an experienced programmer work on your indicator or strategy.

Check my references and ask for a FREE Quote.