Adding an Alert to an Oscillator.

This lesson teaches us how to add a number of parameters to the Variables and Properties Regions and to define the WAV files and flags to turn the audio on and off, depending on the criteria the user selected in the user dialog box. We will talk about Historical bars and how our indicator should avoid alerting us on those historical bars. We will also add a horizontal line to our oscillator for the zero line.  In addition, we will demonstrate how to create your own personal ALERT WAV file using a FREE utility. The Alert will say: "CL 200 CCI alert" in our example but it could be anything of your choosing. We will learn and use the following reserved words: PlaySound, Historical, Overlay parameter, and Line plot.

Adding an alert to an indicator was the very first inidcator modification I wanted to do on the NinjaTrader platform. We believe this lesson will make it very easy for someone to be able to do so, especially with the background material we have already covered.

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