unit02Add an additional moving average to the chart.

On completion of lesson 2 we will have added an additional moving average to the indicator, which will be plotted on the price chart. To accomplish this task we learn how to call another indicator and store its results for assignment to the new plotted moving average.  Calling another indicator is documented in the help. However, you never really know on more complicated indicators which parameters need to be included in the call to the indicator. We show you a very easy way, a non documented way, to know the exact what parameters that are necessary in the calling indicator string. No more guess work about which order and which parameters.Additionally, we will spend time on the PLOT statement and speak to the new dataseries created to plot the new moving average. We also review the changing of the defaults on the PLOT statement.

unit01Modification of a simple Indicator.                                                           

The intent of Lesson 1 is all about environment. While we will add our first parameter to the user input dialog box for the SMA indicator, will be also mostly getting comfortable editing, renaming, compiling, and viewing results in the output window. The added variable will be added to the Variables Region. Most importantly we will get our first taste how to debug an indicator by using the standard Print statement and the output window. No need of a C# debugger. In addition, we will timestamp each printed row to the output window allowing you so see the contents of variables the indicator during execution. Lastly, we will add text to the top of the chart. As an overview, this foundation lesson not only explains how to compile an indicator, the types of files you can receive an indicator in and how to import or which directories to place the NinjaTrader Script files to.  We go to great lengths to explain the various parts of the indicator so nothing remains unclear. 

Lesson 1 is available in video flash video format. The instructional video has the instructor going through in miniut detail all aspects required to complete the above tasks. This lesson includes with a base script to start from when you try the exercise yourself. The completed solution script is also provided.  This lesson only adds about 15 lines of code but is over an hour in length. It is in the same format as the free Overview Video available for viewing on the home page.  ($99.00 USD)  Canadian Residents will be required to pay the HST.


Builder Blocks Indicator Course Goal



My goal is to bring you to a level of proficiency which will permit you to read or write your own modestly sophisticated NinjaTrader® indicators and eventually strategies. A NinjaTrader® script is composed of many common components which include coloring the price bars based on given criteria, shading the background based on given criteria, calling another indicator, plotting an additional moving average, plotting an arrow or other object on the chart, adding a parameter to the user dialog box, adding an alert and being able to view the internals of your indicator during execution time without having to learn how the use the complicated debugger. To make it easy to understand and code each of these components, we have created lessons for each.  Once understood it becomes a straight forward cut and paste of the sections of code in the lessons into your specific indicator. Creating indicators is repetative in nature and each of these common components is described in detail in our lessons. Its is our goal to provide you an excellent foundation to work from.


What is included in the Course

We have created a number of classes which have been rolled into a course for each builder block component and described in miniut detail how to make the changes, including what is affected.  Each lesson has a base starting script so a student may repeat the exercise themselves and a final script with the complete solution. 

There is much more to learn about programming in C# after you complete the lessons provided. There really is no graduation or finish line when it comes to programming. Programming requires a commitment to learn and a dedication to truly become proficient. We welcome the opportunity to start you on your way with an excellent foundation when you have completed our class sessions.


 Builder Blocks Indicator Course Overview

The Overview module reviews all the major components of a NinjaScript Indicator. Particular attention is paid to explaining the "why's" and "how come" of each region, class, or function. Although no programming is performed in this overview, a very good foundation is created to enable moving on to the programming in the following lessons.

The biggest problem for me when I began programming the NinjaScript language, was that there free-sampleswas no overall big picture description of the internals of an indicator script anywhere to be found. This overview will save time and big fustrations for anyone starting to learn the art of NinjaScript programming.

To watch this Overview for FREE register on the home page. The Builder Blocks Course Overview is almost 30 minutes in duration and is based on the standard NinjaTrader SMA Indicator. Open it up and follow along. It is 95% content with minimal marketing.  Enjoy!


Another Example of my Programming


PowerTrend Indicatorpowertrend


A client recently contacted me asking if it would be possible to help improve the quality of the signals generated by his volatility based system. The system generated over 100 signals daily and he wanted to filter the trades by a higher timeframe trend and additional indicators.

Some of the details of the various filters were to be placed in the corner of the price chart as an adjustable panel. The price chart background would change colour based on an oscillator with green for longs, pink for shorts. This reminds the trader to stay on the correct side of the trend. 

When all the signals are in agreement based on the colors in the adjustable panel, this designates a high probability long signal and the reverse for shorts. 

The indicators on the price panel include: checks into the 15 minute timeframe, the 3 minute timeframe, identification of trend based on the MACDBBLines, short term moving averages, long term moving average, Stochastics and ADX all in the present timeframe. A special stochastic plot from the 3-minute chart identifies when the stochastic is coming up though 20 or down through 80. Utilizing the 3-minute stochastic produces longer runs allowing the user to stay in the trade longer.  Each individual indicator component has its own user modifiable parameters which allows for fine tuning based on the specific instrument being traded.

This PowerTrend indicator is available for purchase on this site and as a compiled indicator for only $99 or in open source NinjaScript format for $299.) 

Would you like to have an experienced programmer work on your indicator or strategy.

Check my references and ask for a FREE Quote.

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