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I am an experienced IT professional with over 25 years of experience implementing accounting systems for organizations across North America. For the last six years I have been dedicated to the world of trading and trading has been occupying the majority of my time. Technical analysis has been one of my greatest interests. Given my IT background, it was natural for me to want to learn to write my own indicators. I began using the Amibroker platform, automating a system I had purchased for myself. Then I gravitated to Tradestation but when Tradestation ceased doing business in Canada, I moved to the NinjaTrader platform. Both the previous platforms had higher level languages compared to NinjaTrader. With some effort, anyone with a programming background could learn to code their own indicators in those trading platforms. However, the NinjaTrader platform involved a completely different approach. Learning to programming in C# is not an easy task, I had no experience of any kind in either of the Visual Basic or C programming languages. My experience was limited to being a very good SQL programmer (SQL is a database language for accessing a database). At first learning to programming in c# proved to be a challenge but in time I became proficient. To date, I have written eight auto traders, one of which is being sold commercially by ProTrader Ed. In addition, I have also written a significant number of indicators for a few trading firms and friends.

 There is no finish line when learning programming


I believe the biggest obstacle in learning to program in C# for people starting off or someone that has been dabbling with script changes and is struggling, is that there is nothing anywhere that really explains how the NinjaTrader scripts are laid out. Everything is there in the forums and the help manuals but you have to figure out absolutely everything on your own. While it is possible to do so, time and fustration can be minimized with the materials I am making available.

My course is geared to those that would prefer to become self sufficient. To this end, I have utilized my years of IT experience to create a meaningful set of examples in NinjaScript to bring anyone with some programming experience to the point of understanding and writing a modestly sophisticated indicator or strategy.

Forums provide many free indicators and within these indicators there are many nuggets of gold, programming wise. These little sub modules that can be re used in your own indicators. Until you get through the basics, it is difficult to even identify them. I would like to try and de-mystify most of the perceived difficulties when learning to program in C#. One of my programming mentors told me many years ago that while it is more fun to create something brand new programming wise, the place to truly learn is reading how someone else has coded a given script. Their know how is there for us to learn from. In the programming world we never really ever graduate, there is always something new to learn, some other way to accomplish the same task. Viewing how others program their indicators can teach us something new we may be able to use ourselves, at a later time. As you learn the craft of NinjaTrader programming, remember we are on a journey and not going to a destination. There really is no such thing as a finish line in programming!

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If you would like to contact me send me an email.  or you may reach me on Skype. I am located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, which is in the same timezone as the New York Stock Exchange. I usually trade in the mornings, but am able to take calls between 12 noon and 5 PM on weekdays on skype. Kindly Instant Message me in skype to check if I am available or schedule some alternate time.  

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