3dmegaphoneOver the years, I have created a solid reputation creating a variety of indicators and strategies for various commercial firms and private parties. I am a trader, been trading for over five years, and not just a programmer. Let me put my know how and experience to work for you. Below are a few references of people I have worked with to create custom indicators, strategies and auto traders.


Testimonial Disclaimer : Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other students or clients and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

I just want to say thank you for the hours of dedication you put in to programming my autotrader.  Not only one, but two.  Any question or request I had was considered a challenge by you and you dug in your heels and got it done.  There were a couple of times I thought you might be stumped on some part of the code that was necessary to make my autotraders work as I requested, but you solved those challenges with ease.  You are easy to talk to and are very sincere in your desire to please your client.  And you offered some timely suggestions on how to possibly make them work better.  I have to say you made what I thought would be a tedious chore, fun and interesting, at least for me, and I will not hesitate to use you again on my next autotrader.Thank you again.
Mike Coldwater Oklahoma, United States 8/11

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your professionalism in every aspect of designing indicators for our trading. Your knowledge, attention to detail, and how fast you turn around our requests has been far superior than anyone I have used in the past 7 years, not to mention your reasonable pricing! 
Mark Woods. San Franscisco, CA 4/11

Thank you for the patience in helping me get what was in my head on to the charts. Tony's code is first class. His code is clear, structured and a work of art. His integrity is genuine. Thanks for the excellent coding of the auto-traders and indicators I use. 
ProTrader Ed, New York, NY 4/11

Tony has been working with me for the last 6 months creating a number of indicators for our clients at EOTPro. When he first contacted me about a programming position, I asked him to complete a project to assess his programming skills. The project was a little bit different than usual but Tony not only was able to easily understand the work requested of him but he contributed to the effort with some solid ideas. Once the work was completed, I sent his code to our lead programmer who commented that Tony's code was extremely easy to follow and very efficient. Since then Tony has written numerous indicators for us and is a delight to work with. If his new training materials are any where near to the high standards of coding he has provided for us, his students will get a very good foundation in NinjaTrader C# programming. Good luck in your new project.
Bill Dennis, Vancouver, Canada  5/11

Tony's computer programming skills are top notch. He has helped me develop many proprietary indicators which have taken my trading to a new level. Tony not only understands the computer language, but the trader's needs as well. He has helped me put many years of study and experience together in some of the best indicators I've used.
Gerard P. Reynaud, Denver CO 5/11

I have had the good fortune to have met Tony over 2 years ago. He has created for me a number of complicated indicators used both in NinjaTrader and Tradestation. He is a most proficient programmer, trader and also a good trading buddy. 
Pete Oswald, Atlanta 4/11

Finding someone who can program is one thing but finding someone who is also willing to support you after the initial request is complete is where Tony stands out from the rest.Thx for everything!
Roger Arnett, Atlanta 5/11

I have known Tony for the last 18 months. Even though we live on opposite sides of the world, Tony is always available via skype and email for advice, a chat, and as a sounding board. Tony's first and foremost a trader but has developed a programming business to exploit ideas he has encountered as a trader. His focus on trading allows him to quickly understand concepts you may wish to have programmed and can even build on your ideas based on his trading experience. I highly recommend him. 
Steve D, Auckland, New Zealand 4/11

Tony has created for me numerous NinjaTrader and Tradestation indicators over the years. I can honestly say he is probably one of the most resourceful and insightful programmers you will come across. You can talk trade setups and indicator development and not even realize he is a programmer. A real professional job every time I have asked him to create or modify something for me. He honoured his initial quote even though it took him substantially longer than was in the estimated hours. I am so grateful I came across Tony and recommend him to anyone.
Patrick Geaney, Connecticut 4/11

I have been acquainted with Tony for almost 2 years. His main attributes are his patience and that he is very familiar with trader`s needs being able to translate those needs into working code. Also he`s always available to continue on the project if it needs fine tuning. Knowing of Tony's background and my experience with him, he will make an excellent teacher.
Jim Pooler, Chicago, IL  5/11

For over 4 years Tony has been coding indicators and systems to improve my trading based on my specifications. He has the patience of a saint and does not get frustrated when an indicator is not working right. No project was too big and he provided great support even after the work was complete and paid for. 
Cathy G, Ottawa, Canada 4/11

I have known Tony for several years. in my opinion you will not find a more honest and supportive person than Tony. He is a specialist in his field and has helped me navigate charting and indicator issues on Multicharts. I really appreciate his patience. 
Steve P. Ontario, Canada 4/11